Review of “Pieces of Me” by Hope Terrell

This is Ashley’s first solo jump as a teletrooper. “Focus,” the instructor tells the line of troops. “Concentrate on where you want to go and make the jump.”

The instructor has explained there are two dangers of getting lost during a jump. The first is physical death, which is painful but quick. The second is a spiral into madness. “In the event of an incomplete jump, whatever you do, don’t panic.”

Ashley steps to the teleport platform, touches the neural-interface on her headgear and then pushes the jump button.

I can’t do this, I’m not ready for a solo jump

But it’s too late. She’s jumped.

This little story is remarkably complete. Ashley has to contend with things she doesn’t understand. She’s understandably terrified. Will she give in to that fear, or will she overcome it and save herself? No prince is going to come riding on a white horse to save her. Whatever happens is all up to Ashley.

I liked this little tale. I would have liked more it if it were longer. What happened to some of the other teletroopers, for example? Nevertheless, for the material given, I found it enjoyable.

Five of seven rocket dragons.

Title: “Pieces of Me”
Author: Hope Terrell
First published: Daily Science Fiction December 19, 2017
Source: DSF
Read in: Daily Science Fiction

According to the author’s note, this is her first professionally published work. Good for her.

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