Review of “Honeybee and the Blot” by Logan Thrasher Collin

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Honeybee remembers first meeting the Blot when he told her she was the most beautiful insect he’d ever seen. He stroked her antennae with a tendril of darkness. He said they belonged together.

A machine built to serve humanity, Honeybee never thought of belonging with anyone.

The Blot convinced her she is more than a mere servant of humanity. With her by his side, they could conquer the galaxy. In fact, he needs her to bring him human souls, so he can build the weapons to succeed in this conquest and give her revenge against her oppressors.

Honeybee has been bringing the Blot souls. She realizes they are people with loved ones and children but tells herself her love for the Blot is more important. However, she also notes those weapons for conquest of the galaxy don’t seem to be appearing.


The author is depicting an emotionally abusive relationship between two unlikely beings.

The reader is not told much about the nature or origin of the Blot. Where is he from? What does he do when he’s not sending hapless Honeybee out to harvest human souls for him? It’s unlikely he’s out to conquer the galaxy or gives a damn about oppressive humans. He likes to munch on souls and travels through wormholes.

Honeybee is perhaps naïve, but she was created with a narrow purpose, that is, to serve humans. She doesn’t need to think more deeply than that, yet she does.

One of the nice touches of the story is that the author shows the deep conflicts in such relationships. The Blot promises lovemaking as a reward is she brings him more souls. She’s beginning to have doubts about him but can’t help look forward to making love.

On one level, this is a bizarre little piece about impossible space beings. On another, this feels like it’s a story of someone you know from work or school. I found it quite effective.


According to his blurb, author Logan Thrasher Collins is a synthetic biologist, futurist, author, and student. His poetry has been published in Andromeda Spaceways Magazine, Abyss & Apex Magazine, Mithila Review, Silver Blade, and elsewhere. His scientific research has been published in ACS Biochemistry and in Biological Cybernetics. You can learn more about Logan on his website:

“Honeybee and the Blot” can be read here.

Title: “Honeybee and the Blot”
Author: Logan Thrasher Collin
First published: November 20, 2020, Theme of Absence

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