Review of “Killer Klowns from Outer Space” (1988)

This is our latest Saturday night pizza and bad movie offering. God lord. I think I need another glass of wine. Plot:While our heroes, Mike Tobacco (Grant Cramer) and Debbie Stone (Suzanne Snyder), are parked along with half the local high school at the “Top of the World,” they see a fireball streak across theContinue reading “Review of “Killer Klowns from Outer Space” (1988)”

Review of “The King’s Man” (2021)

This week’s Saturday pizza and bad movie came by way of recommendation the dearly beloved and I watched: The Critical Drinker. He sugarcoated nothing. I do have warn anyone turning to his channel, he’s got a bit of a pottymouth. While his evaluations are frank, they’re more thoughtful than, “This sucks, man.” And they’re funny.Continue reading “Review of “The King’s Man” (2021)”

Review of “Why Aren’t Millennials Continuing Traditional Worship of the Elder Dark?” by Matt Dovey

“Like, all the suffering and hurt and injustice, that’s not coming from beyond the Pierced Veil, ya know? It’s caused by politicians and corporations on this side! People are blind to the roots of their problems, blaming it all on these creatures they’ve never even seen, right?”

Review of “Intro to Intergalactic Conflicts 101: A Course Summary” by Robert Douglas Friedman

Plot: There is no plot to this story. There is merely an overview—in the form of a course outline— of a centuries-old conflict of uncertain origin. (“[W]e remain certain that our cause is just.”) The enemy “lacks common sense, courage, religion, and access to a decent dry cleaning service.” To make matters worse, the enemyContinue reading “Review of “Intro to Intergalactic Conflicts 101: A Course Summary” by Robert Douglas Friedman”