Review of “Magical Delicacies for Birthday Girls” by Avra Margariti

Plot: For Holly’s twelfth birthday, her mother had taken her to the unicorn pen. Her mother went into the butcher shop to get Holly a delicacy.  Bored with adult talk, Holly goes to look at the unicorn on display in a glass case outside the shop. For years, she’d been begging her parents for aContinue reading “Review of “Magical Delicacies for Birthday Girls” by Avra Margariti”

Review of “The Death of Bees” by Avra Margariti

Plot: The unnamed narrator has an online girlfriend, Anastasia, who is writing an essay about the population depletion of bees. When the narrator looks out her (?) bedroom window, she sees fuzzy insects landing on the lilacs. Homeschooled, she later asks her parents why the bees on their property seem to be thriving. This questionContinue reading “Review of “The Death of Bees” by Avra Margariti”