Review of “Elevators and Aliens” by Eddie D. Moore

Plot: Marty is looking over blueprints and sipping bourbon at the bar of the Bayside Hotel on Proxmia b. Most people visit the Bayside for the salty air and a walk on the beach. Humans have been living on Proxmia b for a little less than five hundred years. Communication with earth ceased off afterContinue reading “Review of “Elevators and Aliens” by Eddie D. Moore”

Review of “Inertia” by Wendy Nikel

Plot: The unnamed narrator and her unnamed mate meet at the launch pad. “Is it love at first sight?” he asks her. “Does it matter?” she responds. They are one of a one hundred assigned couples about to be sent off to replenish the human race on a distant world. They will sleep in suspendedContinue reading “Review of “Inertia” by Wendy Nikel”

Review of “Have You Ever Not Seen The Rain?” by Martin Lochman

The rain keeps Eliza awake. She’s waiting for her sister, Kathleen, who should have been home two hours ago at a quarter past eight. Kathleen’s lateness reminds her of the evening ten years before when their parents were late. At first, it didn’t worry them, but as time wore on, they began to wonder. ThenContinue reading “Review of “Have You Ever Not Seen The Rain?” by Martin Lochman”