Review of “Destroy All Monsters” (1968)

This is our pizza and bad movie offering for this week, one that squeezes just about every Japanese monster into a single flick. Plot: By 1999, the United Nations Scientific Committee (UNSC) has established an exploratory base on the moon. Spacecraft come and go between earth and the moon daily. Why, the rocket ship MoonlightContinue reading “Review of “Destroy All Monsters” (1968)”

Review of “Yongary, Monster from the Deep” original title “Taekoesu Yonggary”(1967)

This is our Saturday pizza and bad movie offering, a Mystery Science Theater gem of a Godzilla imitator from Korea—except there’s more than meets the eye. Time for a glass of prosecco. Plot:The movie begins with a wedding between Astronaut Yoo Kwang-nam (Soon-jae Lee) and the lovely Yoo Soon-a (Jeong-im Nam). As they depart forContinue reading “Review of “Yongary, Monster from the Deep” original title “Taekoesu Yonggary”(1967)”