Review of “Teenagers from Outer Space”

Plot: Aliens have come to earth to find a place to graze their dangerous and fast-growing “gargons,” lobster-like critters they use for food. A pesky dog barks at their flying saucer when it lands, so crew member Thor (Bryan Grant—not the god) whips out his ray gun and zaps him. Poor Sparky is left asContinue reading “Review of “Teenagers from Outer Space””

Review of “Fresh Air and Ice Cream” by Rick McQuiston

Plot: Bobby has spent so much time in front of the television playing video games, his face has grown gaunt. He finally talked his mom into buying him the game Extinguish the Light. A brilliant flash of light nearly blinds him. It’s only his mom, pulling back the curtain. She tells him she wants himContinue reading “Review of “Fresh Air and Ice Cream” by Rick McQuiston”

Review of “The Hole” by K. N. George

Plot: James has been having recurring dreams involving six-eyed monsters and his death. These freak him out. He doesn’t know why. Dreams can’t kill, and six-eyed monsters don’t exist. He attributes the nightmares and their effect on him to childhood memories of bullies beating him nearly to death. He tells himself he needs to seeContinue reading “Review of “The Hole” by K. N. George”