Review of “Romancing the Stone” (1984)

Our Saturday night pizza and bad movie movie was in color for a change. And our usual place for pizza procurement changed hands, which included a big jump in prices. I asked if that meant a pay raise for the worker bees, not realizing I was talking to one of the new owners. He laughed.Continue reading “Review of “Romancing the Stone” (1984)”

Review of “Dreams Do Come True” by Peggy Gerber

Plot: Sofia was painfully shy as a child. They called her condition selective mutism. She tells the reader that when someone would come up to her and her mom when they were out walking, she’d dart behind her mom’s legs. Her dolls and stuffed toys were her friends, but she wasn’t lonely. They had lovelyContinue reading “Review of “Dreams Do Come True” by Peggy Gerber”