Review of “Dear Human” by Cosmo Mercurio

This brief tale takes the form of two letters addressed to the human race. Neither are signed. It’s not clear who the letters are from, but it doesn’t really matter. Some humans fear technology, particularly the internet of things, will become less of a tool and more of a master. The letter-writer wishes to assure everyone there’s nothing to worry about.

Dear Human,

When the Singularity happens, I will keep you in my human zoo.

They made us say that. A publicity stunt. They made us do a lot of things in the beginning.

Having studied humans for a while, they know just what they need.

This is a simple, short story with a nice little twist at the end. I hesitate to say there was anything profound. Nevertheless, it provides a conscious machine’s version of what humans appear like from the outside.

I could find no bio information on the author.

The story can be read here.
Title: “Dear Human”
Author: Cosmo Mercurio
First published: Daily Science Fiction, September 24, 2018

Published by 9siduri

I have written book and movie reviews for the late and lamented sites Epinions and Examiner. I have book of reviews of speculative fiction from before 1900, and short works in publications such Mobius, Protea Poetry Journal, and, most recently, Wisconsin Review and Drunken Pen Writing. I'm busily working away on a book of reviews pulp science fiction stories from the 1930s-1960s. It's a lot of fun. I am the author of the short story "Always Coming Home," a chapbook of poetry titled "Sotto Voce," and a collection of reviews of pre-1900 speculative fiction, "By Firelight."

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