Review of “Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster” (1965)

This is this week’s Saturday night pizza and bad movie offering. Good thing the pizza and cabernet were good. Plot:Bald Dr. Nadir (Lou Cutell) informs Princess Marcuzan (Marilyn Hanold) that they continue to hear “a modulated hydrogen frequency signal of twenty-one centimeters.” When the Princess asks what that means, Dr. Nadir replies he’s not sure,Continue reading “Review of “Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster” (1965)”

Review of “Optic Covenant” by Katherine Ley

Plot: There really isn’t a plot to this flash fiction piece. It’s a portrait of a person held captive by a robot who loves him. (I use “him” for the sake of simplicity. The character’s sex is never indicated.) It’s for his own good that he’s tied to a chair and fed spoiled Brussels sprouts.Continue reading “Review of “Optic Covenant” by Katherine Ley”

Review of “The Seven Billion Habits of Highly Effective Robots” by Aidan Doyle

Plot: There is no plot. This is a list of satiric inspirational sayings for robots. A coherent world view emerges, one that is (as it should be) a reflection of own. The list begins: Recharge your batteries. Keep a gratitude journal. I’m grateful this city is our home. I’m grateful The Supreme Council of RobotsContinue reading “Review of “The Seven Billion Habits of Highly Effective Robots” by Aidan Doyle”

Review of “The Red Expansion” by Matt Nagel

Plot: LM081018 is a non-sentient robot tasked with highway maintenance, a job it has been performing faithfully for millennia. This morning, as the growing sun rises over the horizon and recharges its batteries, LM081018’s temperature gauge registers 75 degrees Celsius. The robot once had rain gages, but since all earth’s water has long boiled away,Continue reading “Review of “The Red Expansion” by Matt Nagel”

Review of “CARE” by Eric S. Fomley

Balana sits on the couch in her sweatpants eating chocolate. She watches the same Dr. Who episode she watched the night before. Observing her behavior, her CARE unit determines she is sad. When it asks what is wrong, Balana tells it, “Nothing.” But her voice quivers. The CARE unit has been programmed to take careContinue reading “Review of “CARE” by Eric S. Fomley”

Review of “Dear Human” by Cosmo Mercurio

This brief tale takes the form of two letters addressed to the human race. Neither are signed. It’s not clear who the letters are from, but it doesn’t really matter. Some humans fear technology, particularly the internet of things, will become less of a tool and more of a master. The letter-writer wishes to assureContinue reading “Review of “Dear Human” by Cosmo Mercurio”