Review of “Robinson Crusoe” by Daniel Defoe

Plot: The story has been told, retold, satirized, whitewashed, Disneyfied, and adapted for films and plays for about three hundred years. Author Daniel Defoe even wrote sequels. Phrases like “man Friday” have entered everyday language. Long ago and far away, I read a kiddie version, along with books that were inspired by it—The Swiss FamilyContinue reading “Review of “Robinson Crusoe” by Daniel Defoe”

Review of “Death in Vivid Blue” by Lawrence Buentello

Plot: Liam Terrell sees the beauty of the euthanasia agent when it first enters the sparse room. The agent is a robot and, though not designed to look human, displays an artistic form and grace. It walks on two legs. Its hands are crafted to handle delicate and fine manipulations. The whole body is finishedContinue reading “Review of “Death in Vivid Blue” by Lawrence Buentello”

Review of “The Seven Billion Habits of Highly Effective Robots” by Aidan Doyle

Plot: There is no plot. This is a list of satiric inspirational sayings for robots. A coherent world view emerges, one that is (as it should be) a reflection of own. The list begins: Recharge your batteries. Keep a gratitude journal. I’m grateful this city is our home. I’m grateful The Supreme Council of RobotsContinue reading “Review of “The Seven Billion Habits of Highly Effective Robots” by Aidan Doyle”