Review of “Glitch” by Wendy Nikel

Plot: The narrator’s roommate/old bandmate threatened to kick him (or her? It’s never specified) out of the flat if he didn’t start pulling his weight and become a responsible adult. He got a job at the teleporter terminal to spend his days sending “some businessperson or travel-blogger or snowbird” off in a puff of dustContinue reading “Review of “Glitch” by Wendy Nikel”

Review of “Death in Vivid Blue” by Lawrence Buentello

Plot: Liam Terrell sees the beauty of the euthanasia agent when it first enters the sparse room. The agent is a robot and, though not designed to look human, displays an artistic form and grace. It walks on two legs. Its hands are crafted to handle delicate and fine manipulations. The whole body is finishedContinue reading “Review of “Death in Vivid Blue” by Lawrence Buentello”

Review of “Can you come out and play?” by Rick McQuiston

Plot: The narrator is mourning his wife, who died in childbirth. Two earlier pregnancies ended in stillbirths. While there was still hope, he whispered to his wife’s belly, “Can you come out and play?” Now, months later, the narrator is making himself some tea. He sees something moving in his yard but doesn’t want toContinue reading “Review of “Can you come out and play?” by Rick McQuiston”

Review of “Prodrome” by Amanda Leigh

The title “Prodrome” is defined in an epigraph: “any symptom that signals the impending onset of a disease.” Sage tells his story in a series of journal entries beginning December 3, 2017. He is outside walking his dog when he sees the old man who lives in the apartment below him walking. The old manContinue reading “Review of “Prodrome” by Amanda Leigh”