Review of “Glitch” by Wendy Nikel

Plot: The narrator’s roommate/old bandmate threatened to kick him (or her? It’s never specified) out of the flat if he didn’t start pulling his weight and become a responsible adult. He got a job at the teleporter terminal to spend his days sending “some businessperson or travel-blogger or snowbird” off in a puff of dustContinue reading “Review of “Glitch” by Wendy Nikel”

Review of “Mad Science” by Jo Mularczyk

Plot: Julia finds herself standing in the church she knew in childhood, the successful result of the working of her newly-developed displacement nodule. The device allows a person to be transported anywhere instantaneously. It’s small enough to fit into Julia’s hand and responds to voice commands. Julia is not sure why she’s in the church,Continue reading “Review of “Mad Science” by Jo Mularczyk”