Review of “Robinson Crusoe” by Daniel Defoe

Plot: The story has been told, retold, satirized, whitewashed, Disneyfied, and adapted for films and plays for about three hundred years. Author Daniel Defoe even wrote sequels. Phrases like “man Friday” have entered everyday language. Long ago and far away, I read a kiddie version, along with books that were inspired by it—The Swiss FamilyContinue reading “Review of “Robinson Crusoe” by Daniel Defoe”

Review of “The Drums Drone Death” by J. Allan Dunn

Joseph Allan Elphinstone Dunn was born in Great Britain. He traveled to the United States and Hawaii. He spent time in Colorado and San Francisco and settled on the East Coast in 1914. He was a prolific author, writing some one thousand stories, roughly half of which were westerns. He also wrote adventure stories andContinue reading “Review of “The Drums Drone Death” by J. Allan Dunn”