Review of “Optic Covenant” by Katherine Ley

Plot: There really isn’t a plot to this flash fiction piece. It’s a portrait of a person held captive by a robot who loves him. (I use “him” for the sake of simplicity. The character’s sex is never indicated.) It’s for his own good that he’s tied to a chair and fed spoiled Brussels sprouts.Continue reading “Review of “Optic Covenant” by Katherine Ley”

Review of “Of Ships, Crews And Chance Encounters” by Martin Lochman

Plot: The ship has just lost its crew to a devastating virus. Nothing in the sickbay helped. She contemplates her course of action. She no longer has anyone to care for. Without humans, she cannot engage the FTL engine, long-range communications, or the weapons system. These all require human input. Her choices seem down toContinue reading “Review of “Of Ships, Crews And Chance Encounters” by Martin Lochman”

Review of “Bullies” by Damien Krsteski

Plot: For months, Jon has been tracking down the game identities of the boys who have been bullying him in school. He promises them cheatware, which is supposed to enhance the prizes they win. In exchange, they lock him out so their paths with never cross, either in Brutal Assault or any other portals inContinue reading “Review of “Bullies” by Damien Krsteski”