Review of “The Beast Weeps with One Eye” by Morgan Al-Moor

Regarding PodCastle I’ve been considering adding to the media that I draw reviews from. Some time ago, I stumbled across PodCastle, which, true to its name, offers fantasy stories via podcast. They also have online text versions. They solicit paid subscriptions of various levels, but the podcast and online versions are readily available without cost.Continue reading “Review of “The Beast Weeps with One Eye” by Morgan Al-Moor”

Review of “Dig Faster” by J.B. Toner

Plot: Ghost-hunter Tom Monaghan stops for coffee in a small roadside diner in Maine on his way to Boston. His ears prick up overhearing snatches of conversation among the local: “mutilated bodies,” “some kinda spooks,” and “I heard it was the Devil hisself!” Sometimes you just get lucky, Monaghan says. After getting directions, he headsContinue reading “Review of “Dig Faster” by J.B. Toner”