Review of “Dig Faster” by J.B. Toner

Plot: Ghost-hunter Tom Monaghan stops for coffee in a small roadside diner in Maine on his way to Boston. His ears prick up overhearing snatches of conversation among the local: “mutilated bodies,” “some kinda spooks,” and “I heard it was the Devil hisself!” Sometimes you just get lucky, Monaghan says. After getting directions, he headsContinue reading “Review of “Dig Faster” by J.B. Toner”

Review of “How to Get to Heaven” by Trina Jacobs

Janet has died during what was supposed to be a routine appendectomy. Something went wrong. Now she sees a ghost in the corner telling her not to go into the light. “You wouldn’t like it there.” The ghost is a young man wearing a black leather jacket and blue jeans, bearing an uncanny resemblance toContinue reading “Review of “How to Get to Heaven” by Trina Jacobs”