Review of “A Simple Ad” (2019)

Thoughts:This is a very short film inspired by a six-word micro-short story attributed to Ernest Hemingway. The opening credits roll over shots of a bookcase with family pictures—a baby, a little boy, and a wedding, among others. The viewer hears “Suo Gan,” a lovely traditional Welsh lullaby sung by the Choir of King’s College. ItContinue reading “Review of “A Simple Ad” (2019)”

Gremlin: In Memoriam

Disclaimer: A eulogy for a cat is perhaps a bit self-indulgent. Gremlin has been gone a week. I miss him very much and probably will for a long time. I ask anyone who isn’t into cats or animals is general to skip this. Thank you. “Would you like his ashes?” the receptionist asked. “No. AshesContinue reading “Gremlin: In Memoriam”

Spring Clean #8 Five More Books

This is my next installment of spring cleaning and saying goodbye to five more books. I look forward to cleaning off a second shelf—so I can fill it up again. I don’t have to go shopping or anything. I have enough books lying around the house. Hence, the need to get rid of some ofContinue reading “Spring Clean #8 Five More Books”

Review of “Bookstore” by Jeremiah Minihan

Plot: The unnamed narrator of this story likes to browse the small independent used bookstore near his work. He’s been there many times before, chatted with the short, gray guy at the front desk. He’s sure Bill—that’s the name of the guy at the counter—has been here for years. He’s always wearing the same fadedContinue reading “Review of “Bookstore” by Jeremiah Minihan”

Review of “Living Image” by James Rumpel

Plot: Twenty-four-year-old Joseph Marshal has just lost his mother. He had never left home and had rarely ventured out in public. He misses his mother but is not lonely. He worries about how he will survive without her to provide a buffer between himself and the rest of the world. At her funeral, a tall,Continue reading “Review of “Living Image” by James Rumpel”