Review of “A Ghost’s Story” by James Rumpel

Plot: One day in 2009, Neil Burton perished in a hail of snow peas. He’d been trying to re-arrange thousand-pound crates of vegetables with his forklift while eating a sandwich, and things didn’t go well. The angel who met him at his demise explained his time was up, so regardless of what he’d done thatContinue reading “Review of “A Ghost’s Story” by James Rumpel”

Review of “U-Phone XV Presents Insta-Post” by James Rumpel

Plot: Rachel Shommer and her fiancé, Jeremy Nybor, eagerly await the release of U-Phone XV’s instant posting feature. It will allow the user to post thoughts without the hassle of typing. All anyone has to do is merely think, and their thoughts are posted. “My first insta-post will be one saying how much I loveContinue reading “Review of “U-Phone XV Presents Insta-Post” by James Rumpel”

Review of “Living Image” by James Rumpel

Plot: Twenty-four-year-old Joseph Marshal has just lost his mother. He had never left home and had rarely ventured out in public. He misses his mother but is not lonely. He worries about how he will survive without her to provide a buffer between himself and the rest of the world. At her funeral, a tall,Continue reading “Review of “Living Image” by James Rumpel”