Review of “Clue” (1985)

This is our latest Saturday pizza and bad movie offering for a rainy evening. We didn’t have the thunder and lightning the flick showed—or any of the murders—but we had every bit of the downpour. Plot: In 1954, six strangers arrive at an old mansion in the middle of nowhere, having received a dinner invitationContinue reading “Review of “Clue” (1985)”

Review of “Wizards of the Lost Kingdom” (1985)

This is our Saturday pizza and bad movie offering. The pizza was yummy. We watched this insult to the nation’s youth with Mystery Science Theater 3000. Plot: The movie opens with a torchlit army marching under arches in a concrete (?) wall. “It was an age of magic,” announces the narration while a guy inContinue reading “Review of “Wizards of the Lost Kingdom” (1985)”