Review of “Hiring the New Staff” by Lynne Lumsden Green

Plot: Twenty generations ago, human civilization collapsed. Those aren’t human generations—because who cares about that?—but cat generations. The oldest cats remember what it was like to have effortless food, to live without fleas, and to sleep on soft beds. The current situation, where they have to live on vermin, is not acceptable. The greatest felineContinue reading “Review of “Hiring the New Staff” by Lynne Lumsden Green”

Review of “Protocol” by Sean Soravia

Plot: The unnamed narrator of this story is about to be sent one month into the future on a test mission. His mission is to wait for someone to open the door, check in with the technician, then press the yellow button to return. He is never to leave the machine. No words are toContinue reading “Review of “Protocol” by Sean Soravia”

Review of “Just Deserts” by Gordon Pinckheard

Plot: An alien ship drifts to earth and lands in a field outside Liverpool, England. The area is cordoned off and, much to the delight of the scientists, an Alien is recovered. It is promptly taken to a prison. The Alien is banged up, with patches of its surface skin torn off and its limbsContinue reading “Review of “Just Deserts” by Gordon Pinckheard”

Review of “The Seven Billion Habits of Highly Effective Robots” by Aidan Doyle

Plot: There is no plot. This is a list of satiric inspirational sayings for robots. A coherent world view emerges, one that is (as it should be) a reflection of own. The list begins: Recharge your batteries. Keep a gratitude journal. I’m grateful this city is our home. I’m grateful The Supreme Council of RobotsContinue reading “Review of “The Seven Billion Habits of Highly Effective Robots” by Aidan Doyle”

Review of “A Background Poorly Written” by William Mangieri

Plot: Hmmm…. Well, the narrator, who isn’t always sure he (?) speaks the words he hears, seems to be waking from a deep sleep. Or maybe’s coming into being. He’s with Debbie. He seems to know Debbie. There’s a scratching from outside, but neither he nor Debbie knows what it is. Thoughts: This reads likeContinue reading “Review of “A Background Poorly Written” by William Mangieri”

Review of “Intro to Intergalactic Conflicts 101: A Course Summary” by Robert Douglas Friedman

Plot: There is no plot to this story. There is merely an overview—in the form of a course outline— of a centuries-old conflict of uncertain origin. (“[W]e remain certain that our cause is just.”) The enemy “lacks common sense, courage, religion, and access to a decent dry cleaning service.” To make matters worse, the enemyContinue reading “Review of “Intro to Intergalactic Conflicts 101: A Course Summary” by Robert Douglas Friedman”

Review of “Be Nice to the Butcher” by Danny Macks

Plot: The unnamed narrator describes the stranger who strikes up a conversation with him: “the friendly type, grey at the temples, with the stocky blue-collar build of a man who never lifted a barbell in his life, but could still bench-press me over his head.” They talk about this and that, discuss what brought themContinue reading “Review of “Be Nice to the Butcher” by Danny Macks”

Review of “This is How the Rain Falls” by M.K. Hutchins

Image by Roman Grac from Pixabay Plot: The narrator used to love the rain, but then the boy attacked, beat, and robbed her in the rain. Ten years later, she’s at a bus stop, watching bus after bus pass by. She doesn’t want to risk getting caught in the rain, even for a little while.Continue reading “Review of “This is How the Rain Falls” by M.K. Hutchins”

Review of “The Curse” by Marissa Lingen

Image by Ryszard Porzynski from Pixabay Plot: The narrator looks on as her mother and her aunts debate what to do after her twelve-year-old cousin, left alone for just a moment, has picked up a cursed sword. The family will never live down the disgrace if they can’t lift the curse off the sword. TheyContinue reading “Review of “The Curse” by Marissa Lingen”