Review of “Snowfall” by Richard Bertram Peterson

Plot: A young child presses her face against the window and sees it’s snowing outside. Snow at Christmas! Excited, she jumps up and down and screams with excitement. Her mother joins her and looks out at the snow. A small tree stands in the corner of the room. “Mommy! Can I go out and playContinue reading “Review of “Snowfall” by Richard Bertram Peterson”

Review of “The History of the World in Four Sentences” by Liam Hogan

This history of the world is relayed as a bedtime story from a man to his great-granddaughter. She knows it as the story of the things their “an-ces-tors did wrong, an’ what our future is.” Annoyed, the great-grandfather tells the story in four short sentences. The little girl prefers the longer version with Adam andContinue reading “Review of “The History of the World in Four Sentences” by Liam Hogan”