Review of “The Tower Treasure” by Franklin W. Dixon

Plot: While on an errand for their father, Hardy brothers, dark-haired Frank, 18, and blond-haired Joe, 17, Hardy somehow carry on a conversation over the roar over their 1920s motorcycles. Their father, Fenton, is a private detective, having retired from the New York police force after a sterling career. Joe says, “I wish we couldContinue reading “Review of “The Tower Treasure” by Franklin W. Dixon”

Review of “Charlie Chan in Egypt” (1935)

Our Saturday pizza and bad movie night was something a little different. We chose a silly Charlie Chan movie, Charlie Chan in Egypt. Plot: In the opening scene, men dressed as stereotypical archaeologists pry a plaque inscribed with hieroglyphics off a stone wall inside some undefined underground space. Professor Arnold (George Irving) digs through theContinue reading “Review of “Charlie Chan in Egypt” (1935)”

Review of “The Man Who Knew Too Much” by G. K. Chesterton

I am the man who knows too much to know anything, or, at any rate, to do anything.Other than its title, this book bears no resemblance to the Hitchcock films of the same name. This is a collection of eight mystery/detective short stories that feature well-connected Horne Fisher. His friend, journalist Harold March, serves asContinue reading “Review of “The Man Who Knew Too Much” by G. K. Chesterton”

Review of “The Case of the Fiery Fingers” by Erle Stanley Gardner

Perry Mason, attorney at law, is just returning to his office from a long day at court. His secretary, Della Street, has a pile of letters for him to sign, and one client to see. The potential has been waiting for an hour. Mason at first demurs, but Della tells him the girl is inContinue reading “Review of “The Case of the Fiery Fingers” by Erle Stanley Gardner”