…And the Spring Clean is Complete

This is my last group of books going to the library. The great spring clean is done. The book cases are not quite as full as they once were. But some nifty books found happy homes; a few went directly to friends. That made me feel great. And I got a chance to flip throughContinue reading “…And the Spring Clean is Complete”

Review of “The Nature of Time” by Preston Dennett

Plot: Dr. Harry Topper Ph.D., professor of Philosophy (retired), is annoyed with his lifelong friend, Dr. Jack Trask. It’s so unlike Jack, perhaps the most fastidious man on the planet, to be late—and so late! Twenty minutes he’s been waiting at their regular table in the diner! Something must be wrong. The sight of Trask,Continue reading “Review of “The Nature of Time” by Preston Dennett”